Monday 25 March 2013

52 Weeks Of Instax Challenge UPDATE!

As some of you may remember, last month I got an Instax mini 25 as a gift. I decided to take part in a 52 Week of Instax challenge where I basically take an Instax picture each week to add to my collection.

HERE is my last post for it and as I mentioned I will be updating every 4/5 week to show you my pictures.

Here are weeks 1 - 5:

Week 1 - Prince
Week 2 - St.Davids Day Daffodils
Week 3 - St. Fagans Trip
Week 4 - Joe's Ice Cream (the best around!)
Week 5 - Back home in Devon with Pippa (Prince came too but thats another post!)

I love taking these, I've put these 5 up on my wall and can't wait to have a full years worth of memories!

Hope Monday is treating you well!


  1. Such a sweet idea! I bet the film costs a bomb though, no wonder you're doing 1 a week haha x

  2. Aw, this is a lovely idea! One of my most treasured possessions is an instax picture of my grandma and I when I was little - love Instax! x

  3. I love this challenge, it's such a lovely idea! I'm looking foward to see more and more weeks! xx

  4. I've just bought these to put my photos in hopefully they will be ok when they arrive, always dubious with ebay x

  5. Prince is such a pretty cat! I'm jealous! xx

  6. such a nice idea!! I was thinking of doing something alike too, but not instax, just on the computer and then print them.


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