Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Vanity Rooms and Spa Cardiff

On Monday I was invited along to the Vanity Rooms & Spa in Rhiwbina village in Cardiff.
I had heard of it before but as I live so close to town the last time I had ventured up that way was a loong time ago so hadn't actually been up to see it yet. It's the 3rd Aveda salon in Cardiff and the 2nd Aveda spa here too!

uk lifestyle beauty blogger
Gorgeous flowers were provided by Flower Lodge.
As soon as I got there I was offered a drink and then was whisked off to the spa treatment room for an Aveda Facial. The room smelt all spa-like and amazing and was candle-lit which set me off to relax right away.

uk beauty

As its so hot at the moment my skins been pretty oily so the wonderful Charlotte applied the Aveda tourmaline charged radiance masque on me and left me to relax for 5 minutes. I was also treated to a couple Aveda rituals such a hand massage and an awaking after the facial was over. 

uk beauty blogger

My skin felt so refreshed and amazing afterwards but I did look a bit look like I had just woke up so I was given a mini-makeover using the Aveda make-up range. The tinted moisturizer was amazing and I was given a little glow with the blush. 

After my facial I was treated to Gelish nails which was great as mine from the Superdrug Event had just came off! I chose black:

uk beauty blog gel nails review

I felt so welcomed and at home in Vanity Rooms and I am desperate to go and get my hair done there (I have some money off vouchers too for my first visit!) I was offered a blow-dry at the event but I was headed to the gym after so there was little-to-no point! I saw some other girls getting their hair done though and it looked amazing (something I'm yet to find in Cardiff - a good hairdresser!).

If you are local I highly recommend popping down and you can check out their twitter for the latest deals and treatments available.

I'm off down to Devon as of tomorrow for a week relaxing! But will have a little post up with a special interview this week ;)


Monday, 21 July 2014

What Will Be, Will Be.

Oh Hey!

I've just back from some pampering (but more on that tomorrow ;p) after a stressful day! My weekend was so fun, I went out Friday, then went for a nice meal with some pals on Sat and on Sunday went to the beach with some more friends - it was nice and relaxed, I even took a dip in the sea which was surprisingly warm.

Anyway recently I was sent a little treat from the babes over at Skinniebelle and it's right up my crystal-healing street:

Opalite Choker - c/o Skinniebelle.
I think it's a double-wrap choker (as seen on the website) however I prefer to wear it as a longer pendant :)

Opalite is great during meditation (usually placed on the crown chakra) and is great for positive feelings and soothing anxiety and nervousness, bringing inner peace. 

It also came with this little card which sums up Opalite beautifully. I've stuck this onto my pinboard in my bedroom above my desk and keep it as a little, sweet life reminder :)

Hope your weekend was fun!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

My Gym Essentials.

I've loved my past month at the gym, each day I go I feel like I can do much more than the last time and go a bit further and push myself. The feeling after is really great and also it gives me an energy boost followed by a good nights sleep!

I thought I'd share with you my essentials, I know I'm missing things like - hand towel and the clothes but they are a given! 

Here they are:

lifestyle blogger uk
Swimsuit - ASOS
I'm lucky enough to have a pool/spa at my gym so this is a must!
Sports Bra - Primark
DO NOT try it without one!
Headphones - Primark
We have TV's built into the equipment - catching up on Real Housewives is a blast,
Tangle Tamer - c/o Superdrug.
For my wet hair after the pool/shower.
a sweet sweet essential.
uk style blogger
uk beauty blogger
Dead Sea Spa Magik - Moisturiser and Body Lotion - c/o Oganicopia.
I love these gentle products I use them after I've been in the pool and showered to keep my skin soft and smooth after the chlorine.
The rich moisturiser is UV protective and is very light and non-greasy which is great for after the pool.
The lotion calms and soothes and a little goes such a long way! Both of these products are made using organic ingredients and are both Vegan :)

P.s - get 10% off Organicopia using my code: organ1c10%
uk healthy lifestyle blogger
Bounce Protein Ball - Holland & Barratt
These little things are meant to give you lots of energy! I eat one before the gym and they come in a huge range of delicious flavours. They taste like peanut butter - yum!
I want to try the cacao and mint one next.

What are your gym essentials?


Monday, 14 July 2014

New Cid Lip and Cheek Tint - Cosmo Freebie Review.

Happy Monday!

I always usually hate Mondays but today I've had a positive one and have been really motivated today so I'm going to run with it and hope it continues for the rest of the week!

On a break at work I wanted to read a magazine (but as usual got distracted by the free gifts) so ended up with Cosmopolitan. The cover was Nicole Sherzwanger, or whatever, who dries me out to no end so I didn't really read the magazine.

ANYWAY the free gift was a lip and cheek tint by a brand called 'new cid cosmetics' (or there was a mascara but I have about 200 already) and I chose the colour Strawberry Souffle - the items are all worth £15 each, bargain!

free makeup uk magazine review cosmopolitan
uk beauty blogger review

The smell is so sweet I love it! The colour isn't as bright as I had thought but it is a nice colour red, not really orangey which makes me glad as orange tones don't suit me at all. It's a crayon style and rubs on easily and actually lasts very well for a tint!

new cid review

As you can see in the pic I've applied it on my lips and cheeks, I usually wear highlighters or darker shades of blush so I think I will probably just use it as a lip crayon. I've not been wearing make-up to work for the past month of so now which is soo good for my skin although last week I had a little break-out which I think was just down to either stress or steam room/sauna combo which makes my claim of 'stress' sound dubious.

Have you ever heard of new cid or tryed any of their products? Which magazine freebies have you been after this month?

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Daisy Crop


So as of Monday my internet went down until yesterday which was super annoying as our Sky tv doesn't work either due to us living in a basement :'( So I've been struggling haha. But now I'm back - yaaay!

Today I have a little drop to show you, although I am STILL in the midst of a super bad body conscious issue where I just want to wear baggy t-shirts and hide all my chub I decided to give this a little go:

bandeau bra daisy crop uk style
Daisy Crop - Red Label*
Bandeau bra - Primark (£3!) 
daisy crop top
uk fashion style blogger
I love the detail and the scalloped edges along the arms, bottom and neckline.
It's a pretty see-through top but with the bra underneath it looks good! I don't think I'm confident enough yet to wear it outside in public but I teamed it with some hi-waisted jeans to cover up a little.

What do you think?

I'm loving all this sunshine we are having in Cardiff this week and can't wait to go back out into it!

Have a great weekend and I'll be back Monday (promise).
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