Monday 3 April 2017

A Life Update

My last post was back last year in late November. I didn't intend on leaving it so late to blog again but a fair few things got in my way and only now, 4 months on, I feel I should probably motivate myself to do a little bit more of what makes me feel good.

I'm not sure If I full on suffered SAD or just felt like every time I'm not at work I just want to curl up in bed and do nothing at all but I know I need to snap out of it because my brain sometimes feels like it's actually going to melt - dramatic, I know.

Sticking with downers: December wasn't great, at work our colleague and friend, Katie, had very suddenly passed away of suspect meningitis. I wrote a piece on our works blog about how Katie could impact your life in just one meeting (which you can read here).

The shock of it all and the fact that life can end so very quickly without any preparation has been part of the reason why I have become engrossed in a wonderful Youtube Channel called 'Ask A Mortician' in which the brilliant Caitlin Doughty shares her 'Death Positive' ways. If you haven't I URGE you to read her book (I actually got it as an audio book) Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. It is a brilliant book all about life as in the crematorium and being a mortician, it's all about being death positive and accepting of the inevitable - and without being preachy, it really changed my outlook on alot of things!

Onto more positive news!!

I managed to get to London to see Book of Mormon - it was fantastic and I can't recommend it enough! I've always been a HUGE Matt Stone and Trey Parker fan so seeing this was such a highlight.

Also one of my favourite queens Bianca Del Rio came to Cardiff with her stand-up tour of Not Today Satan which was hilarious as expected and such a nice February treat!

Last year I fostered 8 feral kittens, who all ended up with lovely lives! I cannot wait to start again this year, I love how a tiny little thing that is so scared and feisty turns into such a lovable pet after 2 weeks. It is SO hard bringing them back to work to find a home and I always cry my eyes out but it is so worth it :)

l-r - Mocha, Izzy, Theo, Gershwin, Horrace, Farrow, Fagan and Blair.

Last month I took on the mammoth task of painting my room - and it's ceiling! I went for a really dark blue which has made the room like a big cozy cave. My bedroom really is a sacred place for me, I've tried to add lots of light accents to the room plus a huge moon shaped mirror! I really love it.

This was taken before I got the borders painted light grey (hence the mess!) 
Last week I got a new tattoo. I used to get tattooed alot but now it has become more of a yearly thing. The beautiful Rosie Evans came over to Swansea and she has already done two more on me so I added this gorgeous leopard as a third. 

 I also started up an instagram for the Cats Protection center I work at (follow us here!) which I've really enjoyed!

Thats about it for now, it's been a pretty low key 4 months but I'm hoping now with lighter evenings and if I can get into a positive frame of mind more permanently then there will be alot more from me on here :)



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