Monday 10 April 2017

My Favourite Podcasts.

I've been into Podcasts for over 2 years now. It all started with the famous 'Serial' (which has now finished its second season), I heard the hype and tuned in and was hooked! I loved getting a true story told to me with all the drama of a great novel and I loved Serial but soon I wanted a whole story in one shot rather than having to wait a whole week to get my next fix of the facts and drama. I'm a huge true crime fan, when I was about 12 I bought a book on 'Infamous Serial Killers' just because I was so interested in the subject and also have a pretty morbid curiosity.

I started searching online for some true crime podcasts to fill the weekly wait void of Serial and over the years I found more than just true crime podcasts that keep me entertained during my daily commute. I thought I'd share with you some of my faves over the past couple of years:

The Last Podcast on the Left

This isn't everybodies cup of tea but it has to be the one I get most excited for each week. Run by three horror enthusiasts as part of the Cave Comedy Radio network, they seem the lighten up the true crime genre with their humour but also provides the most detailed and true facts which is clearly incredibly we
ll researched. It's my kinda humour and it has me cracking up constantly aswell as shocking me and grossing me out. It's not all serial killers there is also alot about a few of my other favourite subjects such as cryptozoology, cults and UFO's. Their latest episode is about the infamous Chris Benoit, the ex-WWF wrestler, which is a really interesting listen.

Ru Paul - What's The Tee?

Hosted by Ru Paul and Michelle Visage this weekly podcast also has a host of famous guests to join in the laughs and wisdom that inspires this podcast. It's literally just a sit-down and chat style podcast but always leaves me feeling great and almost enlightened about life. It's a really feel-good listen and also worth it just for the smile that Ru's hysterical laugh put on my face. Alot of the guests also share some deep stories and you get to really feel the person behind the act.

Generation Why?

This podcast is mostly unresolved true crime and mysteries, it's very factual and tells a great story. It can be very sad and tragic but doesn't go into gory details which I think is respectful. It is also incredibly interesting and well researched.

Missing Richard Simmons

This is a new one, it is only 6 episodes long but it is hosted by one of Richard Simmons old friends. I've been following the Richard Simmons conspiracy theories about where Richard Simmons has dissapeared to for a couple years and if you are unfamiliar with them then to make it short the super out-there, always up for attention, wild haired, healthy living exercise guru has been 'missing' and not heard from since 2014 and there are hundreds of theories as to why. All of the theories are touched upon on this podcast which includes interviews from Simmons closest friends and which admittedly I was sucked into believing however by the end of the podcast I had a totally different view on why he is 'missing'.

Other podcasts that I'm subscribed too:

Sword and Scale - A more 'no-holds barred' gory kinda true crime. Sometimes a very hard listen with real 911 calls. It is gripping and very interesting however the host just seems like such a dick.

Thinking Sideways - These are all unresolved mysteries and touch on everything from murders to disappearances to weird phenomenon. It's pretty good but again the host's just dry me out a bit.

The Black Tapes - This was really good at the beginning and was a super spooky fictional story. It got a little bit too fake in the end but it is still very much worth a listen.  

Case File - More of the same true crime stories, another fairly good listen.

True Murder - Interviews with authors of true-crime books who tell the story. The sounds is terrible and production messy but for the most part it is interesting.

What are your favourite podcasts? I'm open to pretty much anything so hit me up with your recommendations!


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