Sunday 29 December 2013

M&S Room Make-Over Challenge!

This post is coming to you LIVE from the new laptop that Santa bought me for Christmas this year ;) But enough bragging. 

Recently I was asked by Marks and Spencer to create a room make-over with £100 budget. First of all it's pretty hard to makeover a whole room on a tight budget but I was most definitely up for trying to cosy up my bedroom which never really felt 'bedroomy':

bedroom inspiration
I added these wicker looking fairy lights across the wall above my bed. Our little light we had in the bedroom got smashed by one naughty kitty so I've been desperate for something to give a warm feel.
room inspiration
I don't have an actually FULL set of bedding - all the ones I want are massively expensive so I've had cheap ikea ones ~(the kind with no buttons at the bottom)  M&S's bedding would have used the WHOLE budget so I settled for a cutie Aztec cushion which is actually so soft I've been using it as my napping pillow.
Waking up in the cold is so gross so I decided to get this Chenille throw to give me an extra layer. 
This sun glass was actually just that - a glass! But I decided it would be better to have on show or put things in to fit my little bedroom theme.
Vanilla deffuser - a must! I love walking into my room and smelling sweet vanilla. Never gets old! 
This gorgeous butterfly paperweight would actually probably suit my living room more BUT my desk is in my bedroom so there is where it sits! It's HUGE and heavy and absolutely stunning.
What do you think of my little make-over?
I'm back to work tomorrow but do have a little post I've lined-up ready before New Year. The 2nd of Jan is my birthday - 24 and still no direction! Oh well ay.

Take care


  1. This must have been such a funny challenge for you hun! I love the things you picked specially the butterfly paperweight! xxx

  2. those lights are so gorgeous!! don't think they'll live much with my cat around though..

    imeowlife. ,Dixx

  3. Those lights are lovely, the black dreamcatcher is lush too. Love the print on the cushion too! Good choices :)

  4. What an awesome challenge! Love the glass and paperweight,. Yay for another January baby, it's my bday on the 5th!

    Tara xo

  5. I love what you've done, little touches really do make a big difference! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  6. Looks really lovely, good choices.
    & happy birthday my lovely.....

  7. Looks super cosy! Love the little squirrel cameo ;) x


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