Wednesday 16 April 2014

Easter Chick Nests Recipe.

Easter is this weekend (long weekend woohoo!) and it's all about the sweet treats!

I used this Baking Mad recipe and altered it a little, swapping and adding my own ingredients, to make these super cute and yummy Easter Chick Nests:

I am awful at baking cakes - I always mess it up! I'm rubbish at timing, the amount of ingredients I use and when they rise and make a mess... I just can't! But these are NO Bake which is perfect for me and so so easy:

First of all I melted the chocolate in the microwave ('cus I'm lazy) then mashed up some shredded wheat and mixed it all together.

I then put the nests into some cupcake cases and made a 'hole' if you will to put in my chocolate icing sugar.
Next it was just a case of putting the chocolate chips and the little chick jellies onto the icing and waiting for them to set!

I loved making these they took no effort and no time at all and tasted delicious. You cannot mess these up!

Do you have an Easter treat recipes?



  1. These look so good - I love making crispie cakes, I don't have an oven so this is really the limit of my baking skills! x

  2. I love that they have Haribo on top and they're so speedy!

    Tara x

  3. Yum! I need some sweets treats like this in my life right now. I like the idea of shredded wheat too rather than rice crispies etc :) xx

  4. mm these look yum!x


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