Wednesday 24 June 2015

Urban Outfitters Homeware Dreams


This past weekend I went camping for my two friends wedding up in a forest. It was the BEST weekend ever, basically with all my best pals having fun and celebrating. Sadly I came back with a 24hour-ish bug that has wiped me out and kept me off work for a couple of days which suck as most of you know how much I love my job. I've only just started eating again, becoming non-delirious and getting more energy.

In this time I've binge watched Orange is the New Black. Never even thought about watching it before but it's actually pretty good!

With my mind off sleeping and sickness, I've also been wasting time browsing homeware (for a change) in prep for the big move. Here are my fave picks from Urban Outfitters who also happen to have a massively tempting sale on right now:

urban outfitters cat rug
Cat Stamp Rug - £8 (was £15)
This has JUST gone down in the sale. I love it so much when I sort my finances I am def grabbing it!
Large Round Mirror - £35
Love this mirror!
Species by the Thousand protection room spray
Species by the Thousand Room Spray - £9 (was £18)
I've been after a Species by the Thousand apothecary piece for so long and now it's half price! This 'Protection' spray wards away negativity.
Coral Shelf - £10 (was £20)
This colour is so so cute! Such an unusual shelf :)

Palmistry Print - £10 (was £25)
Another sale item, this would look awesome in my dining room area!
S circus style letter lamp
'S' Letter Lamp - £50
This is pretty cheap seeing as most of these letter style lamps go for tons on other sites. I love anything with my initial on - def a bedroom or office piece!

What do you think of my faves?



  1. I love the cat rug, that is adorable! xx

  2. I am huge fan of Urban Outfitters! That catty rug is totally my fav.



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