Monday 25 January 2016

Miss Patisserie - Baths for Babes!

Oh hellloo!

This was a long time coming post. I've been so knackered on my days off and after work that I've been doing housework and sleeping pretty much!

Anyway I've raved about Miss Patisserie before HERE, they are a local bath and body company who are vegan, cruelty free and paraben free and now have their very own store in Cardiff! I have been there but totally forgot to take any pictures so hopefully I'll go back soon and take my camera for some snaps because it is SO lovely. It's so fresh and neat inside and the day I was in was when the two owners (a gorgeous looking husband and wife duo) were in and they are such lovely people too!

SO I thought I'd share my purchases with you guys today and talk a little about why I love them so much:

Coral Bay Body Scrub.
Walnut Stone Face Mask.
The Coral Bay body scrub smells like the original Issey Miyake perfume which is one of my faves. I love the little jar it's in, its great for keeping on the side of the bath without getting water in which is my bath pet hate! Besides it smelling absolutely wonderful it also leaves your skin feeling SUPER soft - like seriously soft! I usually find scrubs way too harsh but this leaves me so so soft.

The Walnut Stone face mask is made from Moroccan clay which helps brighten the skin. You just put a little of the powdered mask into a bowl and add a couple drops of water which turns it into the mask, leave it on for 20mins and then rinse it off. I usually do this while I'm soaking in the tub and it just gives me a nice refreshed feeling on my face.

Bath Balls - 4 for £12 plus the box which keeps them fresh and away from moisture in the air.
I went for a little colour theme by accident with my bath balls ha! These bath balls are awesome! They don't just change the colour of your water (like some other brands - no names no names!) they give off a lovely foam aswell. I recently used the 'calming aroma' bath ball which was a total dreamy bath time experience.

Balancing AromaFizz - this has actual rose petals in! 

Miss Patisserie is so wonderful and such a great addition to Cardiff independent shops. I can't wait to go back and explore it some more! 



  1. Oh wow these looks so pretty! That body scrub is such a gorgeous shade of blue!

    Grace xxx

  2. What absolutely gorgeous packaging. Nothing I love more than an indulgent bath time.


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