Thursday 11 April 2013

Orelia - The Cutest Jewellery In The World!

Today, while lusting over many things as usual, I stumbled upon an adorable jewellery company named Orelia. I had a look into the background of the company and alot of inspiration comes from South America, India and Morocco. 

I wanted to share with you their beautiful collections:
Moon Stacking Rings - £18
I never really go wild for rings - but these...THESE! Wow, I'm totally smitten, beautiful colours, able to stack and a gorgeous crescent moon! Perfect.
Arrow Necklace - £12
Super cute, super simple. 
Tusk Bracelet - £25
I love the mixed beads that hold this beauty together.
Feather Hair Chair - £18
The details in this are awesome, little beads and each feather is real so each one is different!
Perfect little clip in.
Pink Solitaire Stackable Rings - £18
The pink is the most gorgeous colour ever for a gem.

What do you think of Orelia?



  1. I have a few bits of Orelia jewellery & it's all stunning <3

  2. darn, I want everything on that website now! all so pretty x

  3. love it! especially the moon♥ bracelet!


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