Friday 19 April 2013

Things I've Loved This Week...

This adorable little Robin brooch by Kirstin Stride.
There is also a super cute ring too! I've become so fond of Robin's since my little encounter with one.
Stay At Home Club tote bag.
This IS me, I only wish to have 4 cats instead of one here at home with me! The outdoors can be scary :p
The gorgeous Lana Del Rey in her Spanish themed shoot for L'Official Paris.
Check out the other pics too she is stunning!
Bertha necklace - Oh My Clumsy Heart.
I love this Rainbow Quartz necklace. I'm huge on my crystals and natural beauties so tis is just wonderful!

F-Troupe Cowboy Flats.
I'm super sad that these are £135, but they are super nice to keep looking at!
"I want a cat.' by the awesomely talented Carly Watts.
Carly created this piece to put in the mini-cat zine I'm working on!

National Geographic tank - Nasty Gal
Oh hello, I need this because I'm addicted to NG documentaries.

Well that's my list of loves this week!

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I love that tote! If only I could justify spending $20 on it! Student budgets suck!

    XOXO Sade

  2. Love the brooch and the shoes are amazinggg ♥ I keep finding myself adding shoes to my wishlist even though I haven't even worn my jellies yet (in my defence it's too cold) :P

  3. Oh my god how gorgeous does Lana del Rey look!? I didn't even realis it was her at first either! Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. I LOVE that brooch and tote xx

  5. that necklace is absolutely memorizing! the colours in it are so gorgeous!


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