Thursday 29 August 2013

Cath Kidston - Not All Just Florals - Mushrooms and Aliens Too!

See I'm not normally a fan of the whole floraly side of Cath Kidston, I think its over done and just a little too sickly sweet for me but since I "borrowed" (also see: Stole) my old housemates Cowboy mug I've looked at the other designs and fallen head over heels!

Here are some of the other designs I adore:

Mushroom Dress - £65
I have never been more in love with a dress! It's so pretty!!
Sadly the website is sold out :(
Mushroom Cup & Saucer - £10
So cute! I love drinking from my teapot and don't have a cup & saucer yet!
Kids Mushroom and Daisies Sweatshirt - £22
I'm so sad this is for little kids, it's beautiful :(
Mushroom Pocket Cardigan - £80
Pricey BUT look how awesome!!

Now moving away from the Mushrooms:

Space PJ Bottoms - £25
Um hey I need you. They look so snuggly!
Cowboy Double Duvet - £55
This is the most perfect, most wonderful duvet set I have ever laid eyes on. Cacti and Cowboys - I'm in love!

Are you a Cath Kidston fan? I feel super lucky that we have a store here in Cardiff that I will totally be hitting up!



  1. I love all the mushroom stuff, too cute!

  2. I'm loving all of the mushroom print - so unusual and pretty! xxx

  3. My God! I thought: what I love the sweater! And then I also saw that it is for kids :( such a shame I'd definitely wear it for cosy "inside the house" days :)

    X Valérie
    I'm giving away TWO custom blogger designs! :)

  4. I've never really been much of a Cath Kidson fan
    But these are really cute!

  5. I agree, although i love florals, i think i'm a little tired of seeing the Cath Kidson ones everywhere! Mushrooms however I am seriously diggin' so so cute!


    Sade XO

  6. I am exactly the same, never really bought into the floral side of Cath Kidston. My mum came home with mushroom plates an I LOVE them! Great blog, just followed!

  7. Oh my god, that DRESS. Will be scouring eBay forever to find one.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  8. I'm loving all the mushroom print! The cardi is so cute but I agree expensive. Xx

  9. I love the mushroom cardigan and I would definitely take any of these prints over florals but unfortunately they're still way too pricey :( x

  10. The mushroom dress is SO adorable! I definitely prefer these Cath Kidston prints more than the floral ones! xxx

  11. I LOVE Cath Kidston prints, I did up my room last year pretty much all in this style. I find the items in the shops are very reasonably priced but then the clothes are far too expensive for me :( I suppose they must be good quality!

    Chloe x

  12. My heart beats for that dress. The ptrint is very cute and quirky,I love it.



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