Thursday 20 February 2014

Totally Tropical!

Today, for the first time in what feel like a year, the sun came out! The day did start with rain, then it rained some more half-way through but even just the feel of the sun on my skin as I walked home, and the blueness of the sky, made everything feel SO much better. 

So as I was so excited at the smallest thought of Spring and sunshine, I've put together a little tropical themed wishlist:

tropical floral mint dress with collar glamorous
Mint Floral Collared Dress - Glamorous
This dress is so so cute I love the style aswell as the bright colours.
tropical print shorts new look 2014
Tropical Mom Shorts - New Look
I love that these printed shorts are hi-waisted for ladies like me with a big booty so it makes you feel good while looking awesome! 
urban outfitters
Bird Wooden Wall Print - Urban Outfitters.
I would love to have this in my living room so much! 
sister jane palm tree blouse
Palm Cropped Sheer Blouse - Sister Jane
tropical chopping board urban outfitters
Tropical Chopping Board - Urban Outfitters
I NEED! This is gorgeous I love the Miami Vice colours.
glittery jelly shoes
Paquita Cut-out Jelly Shoes - Missguided
I'm so ready to put my jelly shoes back on, I didn't pick up the glittery style ones last year but this year - it's time!
lilac and mint sunglasses
Oversized Ombre Sunglasses - ASOS
These are my two-fave colours together on beautiful circular sunglasses.
Living on my wishlist until the sun pops out!

Are you feeling the tropical vibe? I just can't wait for Spring!



  1. I for one cannay wait for Spring! That wall print and blouse are sooo cute. I was in Anthropologie today and it definitely had a tropical jungle vibe going on.

    Tara xo

  2. The last pair of jelly shoes I bought caused me more pain than they were worth. I might have to try a pair of these instead!

  3. i remember having Jelly shoes when i was about 3. I didn't like them when they first came back into trend now i think they are adorable! I think i may pop over to missguided and buy them! Love your blog by the way really pretty layout. x x

  4. TBH I'm not that keen on tropical prints but I recently got a sweatshirt with it and everyone seems to love it on me, so I guess there is something into it. ;) I love the sunglasses here!

  5. The ASOS sunglasses are SO cute! I really can't wait for Spring too! xxx


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