Wednesday 12 February 2014

Wonder Product: Primarks Super Cosy Leggings.

Today I want to share with you my new favorite item of clothing, it may not be glamorous but it is essential in this freezing weather! I hope everybody is keeping safe in the insane winds, it's actually so scary!

My new wonder product is the Primark 'Super Cosy' Leggings. They are actually branded as tights however they are footless, super thick and have the same outside feel as your normal leggings and they are basically the normal leggings but with a furry inside. I wear my leggings around the house to keep warm and also at work as I'm constantly moving and need something flexible and comfortable to wear. 

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Primark Super Cosy Leggings - £6
Jumper Dress - H&M
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I love them, they keep me so so warm! Have you tried these little geniuses yet?



  1. I STILL haven't tried these bad boys. I bought myself a poor (wo)man's version in Tesco on impulse...wish I'd held out for the real deal! Awww man...
    M x Life Outside London

  2. Ah I need to buy these! I love the tights version but the leggings are definitely a must for chilling at home in the awful weather!
    Take care Alice xo

  3. I like the super cosy tights! So snuggly in this horrid weather! xxx

  4. Furry on the inside you say?!! I NEED to get myself a pair! So useful for wearing under dresses :)


    Sade xo

  5. Yes I loooooove these leggings, anything fleece lined is my go to for when I'm on location or shooting over night! These have been a life saver.
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  6. Whaaaat!? I'm missing out and need these in my life, I love their regular footless tights.

    Tara xo
    P.S The whole photo set-up is awesome, so very Sara Waiste! ;)

  7. I've never tried these but everyone raves about them - I'll have to give them a go! lovely photos too! :D x

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  9. I bought a pair of these last year and I love them. So snuggly.

  10. Thank you so much for the tip, I heard rumors about these but didn't know where to look! I've bought them today and luuuuuv them! :)

  11. These look amazing and cozy and I've heard lots of good things about them! Definitely going to pick some up next time I'm in Primark! Alice xx

  12. I didn't realise they did a leggings version, I buy the super cosy tights (with feet) and they are amazing!
    PS love the look of your bedroom! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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