Monday 20 October 2014

BLEACH London - Blullini Review.

Oh Hi!

Still laptopless but working on my sloowww Mac desktop. 

I got bored with my hair being blonde again...yep again and decided to go blue!

This time I was trying Bleach London's Blullini which in the hair-swatch on their site looks like my perf shade of blue. However I just knew that after the Parma Violets incident it wasn't going to be as straight forward as having lush-coloured blue hair. So I opted for just doing my ends instead of my whole swede. 

bleach London Blullini super cool colour uk beauty blogger
BLEACH London - Blullini
£5 in Boots.

bleach London Blullini super cool colour review swatch
This THIS was the colour I wanted! But I didn't do enough hair/put enough on so when I re-did it to add more it went turquoise like I KNEW it would - like the Parma Violets and it's going to stay in my hair for so so long :(
uk beauty blog bleach London Blullini super cool colour review swatch
Sorry for the gross pic just throwin some shade.

So I was kinda disappointed in this one, if you use too much/leave it on too long then it goes turquoise and lasts forever in your hair. I much prefer pink/lilac shades in my hair so I think I'll stick to them from now on!
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  1. Blue is so bloody hard to get rid of! :( I had to dye dark brown over the top of mines and after the first go you could still see it shining through. Yours is cute, suits you! But I know what you mean about bleach colours :( xx

  2. This really suits you :) I wanna do something fun with my hair but being a red head limits that! x

  3. You look good! Debbie Harry, all the way!

  4. Not sure I would like it to last forever in my hair, even if it toned down, sort of defeats the point. Still looks stunning on you though!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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