Wednesday 22 October 2014

Halloween Costume for You and Your Pet: Devils.

matching halloween devil costume for cats dogs pets humans


I now have my laptop back and I am so happy!
I have a couple Halloween themed posts coming up and I'm kicking off with this awesome costume post where me and Prince dressed up in matching outfits (kinda like Lucille and Buster on Arrested Development, maybe we will win an award?).

If you want to dress up and get your pet involved too then ASDA have awesome dog and cat Halloween costumes (I got Prince an XS dog and it fits him great) that you can also find in their adult halloween costume section too!

You may remember last year when I dressed Prince up as a Skeleton and the year before he was a tiny baby so wore a little cape. I chose the theme Devils for us this year, let me show you my costume first :

devil costume for women
Halloween Glitter Cape* - £6
Devil Horn Wig* - £4
devil halloween eye makeup
As my cape had a Green glitter effect to it I thought I'd do Green make-up too (which also goes well with the Red hair)
I used the new Atomic lipstick from MakeUp Revolution in 'Serpent'* - £1
And a Green shadow from the I Heart MakeUp Palette 'I Heart Passion'* - £7.99

Now for Prince's Devil costume:

cat fancy dress devil costume
Pet Devil Halloween Costume* - £4
Halloween Devil Costume for Pets Dogs Cats
Cat devil costume

As you can see Prince was thrilled to be dressed up haha!
I actually haven't got as excited about Halloween this year, I think it's because I've fallen out of love with my flat and don't want to be here anymore so can't be bothered to decorate it, I will put up a few on the weekend to get the feel and maybe I'll get into it a bit more!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? And will you dress up your pet?



  2. Haha love it! Asda's costumes are so cheap! My Tesco has one adult skeleton costume and it's £15!
    I am zombieing up this year :)

  3. Love this, going to go and dress my cat up immediately!

  4. Unique!If me and my pet dress up with these costumes we look wonderful!


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