Thursday 5 February 2015

New Job - The Process and Positive Thinking.

kittens cute


Tonight I am off to Glasgow for the weekend and I've just got back from dropping Prince off to a cattery - cried my eyes out leaving him! I can't wait, I've never been to Scotland before and I also get to meet the gorgeous babes Ayden and Claire.

As I mentioned in my January Faves video I bagged myself my dream job last week! I've been volunteering at the Cats Protection since the beginning of December last year and after my first morning there I KNEW that this is what I wanted to do as a career. I've never had that feeling before so this was a huge deal to me, I've been working in retail since I was 16 and then in a coffee shop/cafe for the past 2 years and never ever enjoyed it fully. I had those awful days when I would just think 'why am I doing this? Where am I going to be in 10 years?' feelings that are common in your 20's of course but I just had NO idea and no direction of where and what I wanted to work as.

So after my first volunteering day I just couldn't wait to go back. The staff were so lovely and the work was hard but felt so rewarding. The cats in the center have been given up by their owners or found abandoned or stray by other people so they are often sad or distressed and need a little love, attention and cuddles. The work is hard, really hard, cleaning pens, feeding, more cleaning and then trying to tame or settle distressed/sad cats - but I love every second!

Donatella was found heavily pregnant just before Xmas. She was so tiny and in a bad shape that the staff didn't think she would survive the pregnancy but she gave birth to ELEVEN little babies - it even made the news! Sadly one was born stillborn however the other 10 babies are actually growing up so fast now and are almost ready to find their forever homes!

After 2 months volunteering every other Saturday one of the staff mentioned that there were 2 vacancies coming up and asked if this is something I wanted to do. Obviously I was and got the information on how to apply. I figured my volunteering would help, but I have no qualifications and no other animal experience besides owning my own cats since I was 5, so I started to feel a bit like I was too under qualified BUT it was worth a shot.

It took me two days to write out my application and as soon as I sent it I started practicing to change my whole mental attitude into pure positivity, like I had already had been given the job and was just living in that happy feeling of gratefulness for having been given such an amazing opportunity. I know this is very 'The Secret' but it honestly worked for me, I felt great! I've always been such a negative, anxious person and the way I was feeling now was amazing!

I found out from staff that the applications go through head office and they don't see the applications until head office have picked out interviewees based on a points system. This knocked my confidence a little but I kept at practicing being positive and kept my head held high. 2 weeks later - I got the call for the interview! I told my current boss and he let me have the morning off to attend (which was so kind) and I spent two days practicing my interview skills.

I left the interview feeling SO deflated, had my over-confidence backfired on me? I felt like I had rushed it, blabbled on too much and I felt so drained all day afterwards. The negativity had crept back in. Instead of letting it take over me I let myself have one night of it and the next morning I woke up and practiced envisioning getting my phone call telling me I got the job all morning.

I was sat at work about to make a cup of tea when my phone rang, it was them and it was good news!
I was told my interview was great and I got the highest score of all interviewees. I was so overwhelmed I squeeled and cried a little bit haha! I rang my mum first as she has been my biggest cheerleader and everybody has been so happy for me.

 I still can't quite believe it but this weekend in Glasgow is my celebration before I start on the 17th.

I'm so, so thankful and so excited to start and can't wait to share some more kitty pictures with you!



  1. Can't wait to see more pictures of the cats! I'm so so happy for you love, you definitely deserve this job and I'm sure it will be a very positive and rewarding part of your life now! Oh and I can't also wait for the Scottish pictures!! xxx

  2. Aww congrats on your new job! When I was younger I got both my cats from the Cat's Protection League so they will always have a place in my heart. Those pics of the kittens make me want to cry they're so cute.

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink

  3. Congrats on your new job :) I would love to work with animals but there's no way I could on the basis of if I saw an animal that had been abused I'd get so angry I'd end up punching someone. It's really amazing what you're doing & I hope that little cat with all her babies find a lovely home.

    The Joneses' & Little Babe

  4. Congrats on your new job! Those kittens are so adorable. I think your job will be incredibly awarding.

  5. I'm very happy for you because you deserve that work! <3

  6. I am so happy for you!
    You are going to make such a difference to so many cats lives!
    What an important thing you are doing :)
    We lost our cat Sisco in a tragic way early last year and it broke our hearts, we still cry about it now
    But we've been fostering with our local Cats protection and it's so rewarding, plus it's helping us heal
    Cats are amazing

  7. You got the job :) yaaaay. It's nice to break out of the retail sector and do something that makes you happy x

  8. Aww, congratulations on the new job - working for the Cat Protection will be so, so rewarding! xx

  9. Amazing! I would so love to work at a cat or dog shelter, I imagine it must be hard work but incredibly rewarding. Congratulations. x


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