Tuesday 24 February 2015

Glasgow Necropolis.

Glasgow Necropolis


I thought today I'd show you guys some of the last of my pictures from my trip to Glasgow (which feels like a million years ago now!) and our last day when we headed to the Necropolis which is just next to the beautiful Cathedral.

The Necropolis is basically a HUGE grave site similar to the Pere Lechaise in Paris, it's bang in the middle of lots of industrial kinda areas of Glasgow including the Tennants Brewery.

Glasgow Necropolis
Glasgow Necropolis statue
Glasgow Necropolis statue
Glasgow Necropolis tomb

There were these huge tombs dotted about which some you could see inside. Some had statues and multiple graves/stone casket surroundings. Some were completely sealed up with fake windows and bolted doors which had my morbid curiosity running WILD! I'd love to have done a walking tour however Mondays are an odd day for stuff like this so we just did our own. 

Glasgow Cathedral

I only took this one picture inside the Cathedral as it was such a beautiful and silent place I didn't want to take anything away from it. The huge stain-glass towered above us while we explored inside - you can even go into the underground passages where the patron saint of Glasgow Saint Mungo is buried.

Have you ever visited the Necropolis or Cathedral?



  1. Absolutely beautiful! I'd love to have the money to get a family tomb. <3

    Tara x

  2. Despite the fact I went there when it was dusky and muddy... I love Glasgow Necropolis!!

  3. I have been living in Glasgow two and a half years and still havent visited this place. x


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