Sunday 1 March 2015

Smoky Poppy Body Shop Review.


Wow work has been so fun and so crazy busy! I'm really enjoying it but I'm so tired when I get home that I've little energy left to blog on here! I picked up overtime this week but normally I'll have 3 days off which gives me plenty of time to blog :) I'm still just getting used to the routine I guess!

So anyway today I want to share a review of some new Body Shop products that are part of the Smoky Poppy range:

the body shop smoky poppy bath bomb review
Smoky Poppy Bath Bombs* - £12
You get 6 bath bombs in a tube, at first I thought that how small they were would mean I need 2 but I didnt! It's a light soapy fragrance that makes a nice silky water. There are poppy seeds in it which were left in the bath after which was kinda a pain in the arse to clear away.
the body shop smoky poppy bath bomb review

the body shop smoky poppy review uk
The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Eau De Toilette* - £8.50
The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Body Butter* - £5
The body butter is pretty unoffensive, a light powdery, soapy smell and like other Body Shop body butters it's thick, rubs in well and leaves your legs hydrated for up to 24 hours (and it really does!).

The EDT on the other hand is not for me - not for me at all! The smell is SO strong and lasted for ages (not good if you don't like the scent). The fragrance is very soapy, powdery and very 'old' smelling. It reminded me of an older Elizabeth Arden perfume which is pretty overpowering. It's personally a little too old smelling for me and I really can't see me ever using this.

On a more positive note I LOVE the packaging! The shiny black with the bright red burst is wonderful - very old school!

Have you tried any of the Smoky Poppy range?


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