Thursday 21 May 2015

New Homeware Buys.


I've been going a little homeware mad at the moment, I've found some bargains and can't help but pick them up as I go along. Like I said in my last post I've got some exciting news and I will fully share when It's 100% done but most of you can probably guess by now :p

I'm going to share some of my latest homeware buys from Primark and Tiger, just a couple cute bits I've seen on my wander into town:

pusheen cushion cloud rain cushion homeware
Pusheen Cushion - eBay.
Cloud/Rain Cushion - Tiger.
primark geo print miami duvet coverprimark geo print miami duvet cover
primark home 2015 tiger home 2015
Rain Drop Notebook - Tiger
Mint Chevron Dustpan - Primark.
Lint Rollers - Primark - £1.50 Bargain and such an essential!
I've actually bought alot more but from different stores etc and they are such nice pieces that I kinda want to give them their own post haha!

I'm on day 2 of 3 off from work as I'm working the weekend so I get a short week. I love to just relax, I've been re-watching The Killing which is on Netflix, if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it, it's a great crime drama.

I've also been addicted to the Periscope app - if you are on there add me: cowbiscuits

Hope you are having a great week x


  1. The rain/cloud cushion is beautiful!! I'm so excited for you lovely! Oh and btw Tiger is finally in Portugal, I love it!! xxx

  2. I need that pusheen cushion in my life!

  3. Pusheeeeen! Lovely little bits and pieces. I worked with the director of The Killing on a crime drama last year, it's called Murder and will be on bbc this year! I think you'll love it! xx

  4. The pusheen cushion is way TOO cute !!! I need one !! :)


  5. Awww that pusheen cushion is so sweet!

  6. I need the pusheen cushion! It's the cutest thing ever :)
    Lovely buys!

    Valérie from Scribbles of Valérie

  7. The Pusheen cushions are soo cute!
    Bethany, SWCarpetCompany

  8. That duvet sold out in my Primark! I want it!!

    Tara x


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