Friday 22 May 2015

What I Bought: BHS 20% off everything!

Oops! I've been on that homeware binge again! It was an accident I swear!

I was heading to ASDA to do a little weekend shop and ended up passing BHS on the way. I used to think BHS was super dated but there is an awesome new store in Cardiff Bay that looks lovely so I thought I'd step in. When I walked in a store assistant welcomed me and told me 'everything is 20% off and some things upto 50% from today until Monday!'. HELLO! As I walked around the store I figured if I really anything then I should totally get it while I see it, right?!

BHS 20% off everything
As you can see I bought this super cute kitchen clock! I have a duck-egg blue theme and this is just prefect!
Acctim Kitchen Clock - £20 - £16 with 20% off!
BHS 20% off Kitchen
It even has a little time on the bottom which is so an awesome little feature.

Mint Green Brita Marella Jug
Mint Green Brita Marella Jug.
I've wanted a Brita filter jug for ages and I almost bought this exact one the other day but it was £21 and I really couldn't justify it. Today I picked up this beaut for just £13.99!
Mint Green Brita Marella Jug
I've wanted a Brita for ages as I've read alot up on how gross our water actually is and how much chlorine and metals are in the water we drink daily.
Brita Maxtra filter
The jug came with a filter so it was already to go ahead and use :)
BHS santorini mirrors
Santorini Mirrors set of 3 - £18 then went down to £14.40.
These were actually in the bathroom section however they could go anywhere really. I love the rope hangers.

The 20% off is also available on BHS online so be sure to have a browse!



  1. Great bits there, I also picked a few bits off from their Holly Williboughy range with the 20% off!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Whaaaat! I'm buying that Brita filter. Such a bargain.

    Tara x


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