Thursday 8 October 2015

Halloween Decorations with Tiger


Well we have hit October which is the BEST month, the leaves all turn, the weather gets colder and it's Halloween!

You may remember previous years where I decorated my whole flat, well now i have a house and less enthusiasm about taking it all down! I hope to go do the Pick Your Own Pumpkin thing again this year and re-do the corn maze there too!

I picked up a couple bits from Tiger this year and have some left overs from previous years to do a little decorating in the front windows and here they are:

tiger stores halloween decorations
Black Cat Lantern - £2
Black Cat Flashing LED Head - £1
The cutie cross-stitch tray is also from Tiger, I think it was £2 too!

I adore Halloween, I get to get my Ghost jumper out and have a huge array of Halloween theme socks! I also love dressing Prince up as I have every year although this year he may not be as forthcoming as he's 3 now and a little bit more independent (still a soppy mummys boy though!) 

I posted last year about how the great the ASOS Halloween range of Halloween treats and they have not disappointed again this year either! 

I'm not sure of my plans quite yet, probably junk food and cheesy horror movies. At work we are having a Black Cat Day to appreciate all our beautiful black kitties who get overlooked for other colours so if you are in the area PLEASE come along!

What are your Halloween plans?


  1. I love Tiger for their randomly bargainous mix of goodies, its pretty lethal now one has opened in Bristol, I keep buying things I never knew I wanted/needed in my life!

  2. I'm excited for Halloween too! It makes me sad that black kittens get overlooked, they are just as adorable as any other cat! xxx

  3. I'm having a halloween party this year so will definitely need to check out tiger for decorations! So sad that black cats get overlooked, I love my Binxy boy xxx

  4. I love cats! Your decoration is great. I want the same. Where I can buy it

  5. Love your decoration. It's not typical Halloween, but it's innovative.

  6. I don't know what costume to choose but can't wait


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