Wednesday 24 February 2016

LUSH Mother's Day Ladybird Bubble Bar - review.

LUSH Mothers day 2016 ladybird bubble bar


On Monday I was invited over to the LUSH store in Cardiff to check out their Mother's Day and Easter collection to get ready for Spring to start (which I cannot wait for btw!). As usual I only took 1 photo during the event due to me being whisked away to check out all the new products and try a few out that I hadn't come across before.

I had been in the previous week to check out the Valentines stuff (see my last post) but I was too early for all the Easter stuff but did pick myself up the cutiest little Ladybird bubble bar which is part of the Lush Mother's Day 2016 range.

As always I had an amazing time at the event, was pampered by the beautiful sales people and spent lots of money (oops!). We were also very generously given gift bags which had a few of the new products inside including another Ladybird bubble bar! This was great as she looked so so cute that I couldn't stand to put her in the bath but now I have two - in she goes!

the easiest way to use a lush bubble bar

Now then, you might be thinking ' girl, why is she sat in a sieve?' BUT one of the Lush gurus gave me THE hottest tip! I was complaining about how I always burn my hands under the hot tap, trying to get as many bubbles as possible, so was told to buy a cheap sieve (for bubble bar use only) and just hold it under the hot tap for the bubbliest bath ever - and boy, she was not wrong!

lush bubble bar water ladybird

The water poured out like pretty, pinky hair which in turn made me miss mine so much! Sadly, I just don't think I work the kinda job where I can get away with it anymore! 

The smell this Ladybird gives off is just wonderful! Probably one of my faves I've tried in a long while. It contains peppermint oil which is always a huge hit with me and also geranium oil which has toning properties. The way the tub water went a gorgeous Strawberry red and the smell to go along with it has put this up there as one of my favourite bubble bars - I'm so sad she won't be around forever! The sweet yet fruity scent with a little hint of mint really comes out once you are in the bath. I was in there for a good hour and even afterwards it was all I could smell upstairs and on my skin. 

lush ladybird bubble bar 2016 mothers day

The sieve was such a great idea too as I ended up with huge candyfloss looking mountains of bubbles which lasted the whole bathtime.

Have you tried this little lady yet?

Be sure to check out the Lush Easter 2016 range aswell and keep your eyes peeled on here for a review of some it soon ;)

On a different note, I am walking across hot coals in March to raise money for the cats in our care at work. If any of you reading this can even donate £1 it will help SO much more than you know! You can do so by visiting our JustGiving Page here:

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  1. Using a sieve is such a good idea! Walking on hot coals, you crazy but awesome girl <3 I will make a wee donation when I get paid :) xx


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