Friday 12 February 2016

You Should Go and Love Yourself: 5 Self-Admiration Valentines Treats

As most of you well know by now I am ALL about a little self-love! Indulging in yourself for a couple hours (or all day) is so key in making yourself feel good and is such a huge part in feeling happiness and having a positive mindset. 

This weekend is the weekend of luurrve - it's Valentines! 

Here are 5 of my fave ways to make myself feel awesome:

Retail Therapy.
New underwear is my fave! I'm one of them where it's not often I'm matching pants to bra but when I get a new set I feel super, like I just wanna walk down the street in them - 'Yeah I'm matching!' These were a bargain from Primark at £4.

Lighting up the candles.
This is my limited edition Valentines candle 'Love Bug' from Flamingo Candles that had glitter in and smells like strawberries. My house is full of candles, it's so simple having a bunch of them on but it makes me feel so cozy.

Putting your favourite record on.
I love this little corner in my house, my record player is just underneath and there is floor space to spread out my fave records and pick and choose which songs I want to hear. 'Honeymoon' by Lana Del Rey is a record that makes me feel so dreamy, I don't listen to hardly any 'new' music but there is something about Lana's voice that fills my soul.

Bath Time!
The bath in my favourite place. No joke. I will pop my laptop on the side and keep topping up the hot water until I am literally a prune! I had to pick up the LUSH Valentine specials 'Unicorn Horn' bubble bar and 'Prince Charming' shower cream. 

I hardly ever paint my nails because they last two seconds with work but when I do I feel SO fancy and like I want to point at everything and delicately pick up things. Just me? Ok.
I LOVE my personalized Nails Inc Nailkale polishes. Superfood for your nails! 

This Valentines, single or not, why not embark on a little journey of self-appreciation and love yourself!



  1. Love this! I'm forever single and its way too easy to get down about days like this. Love the Lush unicorn horn so much! X

  2. Love the naipolish honestly this is a great post! :)


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