Wednesday 6 April 2016

Be Kinder To Your Vagina

organic cotton period products


Today we are talking about that Time of the Month! Yes It's your period!! People get grossed out by talking about periods which is dumb (obvi) but it's the most natural thing ever, so get over it - we are talking about it!

Feeling like Carrie at prom whilst tiny elves drill a million screws into your womb area is NOT FUN! Growing up I had the most horrendous period pains where my legs would ache, my back would feel like it's collapsing and I only wanted my bed, a hot water bottle and a box of tissues to wipe away my sad face. There are a few new monthly box subscriptions that give you a little box of things to cheer you up on your period which i think is FABULOUS but today I'm here to talk about being kinder to your vagina during those difficult 5(ish) days of your month.

There's been alot of talk recently about the products we use during our period actually being harmful for us and it's come to my attention with the help of a wonderful brand called Time Of The Month.

Did you know that most of the mainstream brands of sanitary products use synthetic materials that are bleached! BLEACH! If that wasn't enough more chemicals are then added to increase absorbency - ew.
These synthetics can be harmful and cause irritation, plastics used in pads can cause dampness which encourages yeast growth and some even use scents.
These products are also terrible for the environment, most will take 20+ years to biodegrade and also use Rayon which is wood pulp in which half the tree is wasted in making the product. Even using non-organic cotton is bad for the environment with the use of pesticides and insecticides.

TOTM kindly sent me this amazing tote bag stuffed full of their products for me to try out some real deal 100% organic cotton, 100% biodegradable and nasty-free sanitary wear! *

The packaging is simple and beautiful and I was even sent a little organic pouch to store them in my handbag safely too (so sick of rogue tampons mousing about my bag!). The liners and pads are super soft and hypoallergenic which work to be compatible to your body's natural pH. The tampons come with biodegradable cardboard  applicator and have a non-woven veil that protects the absorbent core so no nasty fibres behind!

WOW This post got long but I feel that as a women this is an incredibly important to get knowledgeable about what you are using on your most sensitive and intimate part of your body!

I LOVE TOTM and I really hope you do to!

Visit to check out the full range. There is also a subscribtion service to suit your needs for your time of the month.

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