Monday 4 April 2016



I've decided to make a video! It's been about a year + since my last youtube attempt but I figured the best way to do this post was with a video.

I basically set myself £10 and went into one of the cheap shops that sell everything and bought loads of food. I did this in two shops yesterday but not on food items mainly of tat for around the house which maybe I will film another time but for now here it is:

I clearly have barely any subscribers as Youtube isnt mah thang but if you do subscribe then obviously I'd be eternally grateful. 

Take care and I'll be posting an actual post on Weds :)



  1. Ah you did so well! I never have any luck in charity shops xx

  2. I quite like a trip around the cheap shops sometimes. They can vary though, sometimes there's just nothing decent, other times there's loads. It can be hit or miss. We don't have any very locally, so it's not often I'm there. I once got my sister loads of toys and figures for her birthday, most of it current season stock, which would've cost much more elsewhere. It meant I could buy her 3x as much!

    I tried YouTube for a while, but it seems to be the most annoying people that attract viewers (my nephews are obsessed with different YTers and they all have the whiniest voices and talk about the most mundane, uninteresting things, I don't get it). I just upload once in a while these days. I've subscribed to you channel anyhow x


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