Wednesday 30 March 2016

Bathroom Decoration Complete pt2

bathroom interior pintrest

As I said in the first Bathroom Decorating post I was waiting on my floor, well today it came! On Monday night I had to rip up the old lino floor, it was a challenge to say the least... It took me the best part of an hour and I was all red faced and hot and sweaty but after I got the last piece up - I felt amazing!

Today after the floor fitters left I couldn't wait to take some snaps, my bathroom finally felt complete!

I found these two little succulents when I was browsing Homebase for some indoor plants to put in some macrame planters I bought. I couldn't leave without them, they were £5 each and fit in perfectly with my new bathroom!

My new vinyl is from Carpet Right, I got it in one of their regular sales and their fitters were on time and super fast! It is so soft and bouncy and I literally cannot wait to go have a bath in my new bathroom right now!


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  1. it looks fab, love the peach wall! x


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