Thursday 10 March 2016

Wilfreds Lovely Welsh Bakes

I LOVE a pie! My mum makes an amazing pie and I'm always let down when I buy one from the supermarket and it just doesn't hit the spot.

Lewis Pies have released a new line of gourmet pies under the name Wilfreds. I was hand delivered  big ol' box of chilled pies ready for me to stick in my fridge and makes my way through (an easy challenge!).  The pies are made using top-of-the range Welsh specialty ingredients and have very Welsh based names.

So I got 6 pies:

The Saucy Cow - Welsh beef steak in local Gower Power Ale.
The Gower Cwtch - a Cwtch (ku-tch) is Welsh for a cuddle! This has Welsh beef steak, leeks and a hint of horseradish.
The Clucking Valleys - British chicken and veg in gravy.
The Lamb of my Fathers - Welsh lamb with mint, faggots and local laverbread.
The Steak & Tatws - Welsh beef steak with potatoes in gravy.
The Fiery Chick - British chicken, cajun spices and Colliers Welsh cheddar.

The packaging is gorgeous, it feels like you've just picked it up homemade from a market.

Now I have to be honest with you I did not eat the Lamb of my Fathers pie as I can't stand lamb! I did however eat the rest!

The pastry on all of the pies is hot water crust pastry and it is so light, buttery and soft and not at all flaky like most pies - so so good!

My fave was the Clucking Valleys - the chicken gravy was incredible!

The Fiery Chick definitely had a kick to it so if you like a bit of spice then this is the pie for you!

The beef is the 3 beef pies was lovely and tender with a thick gravy that wasn't stuck to the crust. my only complaint was the Steak & Tatws didn't have enough potato for me!!

All in all these pies are LUSH! The pastry was such a winner for me I don't think I can ever go back to a supermarket pie again!


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