Sunday 10 July 2016

Sanrio My Melody Bath Bomb


Had a little break from the ol' blog due to feral cats taking over my spare room where I have my computer set up ready to upload pictures etc. I've had a brief break in fostering (1 week) and now there is a new 'feral' kitten living in the spare room (see my instagram/snapchat for more - username: cowbicuits ) so I managed to get a hot minute in to upload some pictures to write a little!

Carrying on from my last post I thought I'd share my other Sanrio bath ball with you guys that I got in my Asian Beauty Haul which was the My Melody bath ball. Sadly Yes Style have sold out and my dreams of ever visiting Japan are far far away.

Just like the Hello Kitty bath ball this one also has a surprise figure inside! Although as I do not read Japanese I have literally no clue if this ball was supposed to smell or be 'flavoured' of anything and when I put it in the bath I didn't really notice any particular scent other than 'clean' - if that makes any sense?  

There were no bubbles, just a little foam and no colour either so I'm guessing these are literally just a fun thing for kids to get a little surprise toy out of. They fizz up pretty fast aswell and the My Melody that surprised me was...

... shocked little cutie My Melody! I love how she popped out looking so surprised floating about the bath!

If I see anymore of these online I will probably pick them up just for the novelty or if anybody knows where I can get some other characters ( I've seen Gudetama and Rilkakuma knocking about) then holla at your girl.

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday, I've just ordered my first ever Deliveroo! Until next time...



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