Monday 21 June 2010

First post!

Well this is my first blog post, and apart from my Tumblr - my first Blog!

So here is a bit about me:

This is the most recent picture of me...

I'm 20 years old - despite looking like a 12 year old.
My hair is platinum blonde, obviously it is not natural, occasionally i will put lavender or lilac in it to spice up my life.

I have 2 tattoo's. my first one was of an anchor that me and my BFF got done together, my 2nd is a peace sign to remind me I'm a Free bitch baby!

I love Fashion, most animals (not insects/creepy crawly things/or flying animals), music, Larry David and baking cupcakes.

I work in fragrance retail at the moment, I live in a seaside resort in Devon, UK, but my soul belongs in a big city. New York owns my heart.

I have 2 hamsters, one rabbit and a cat - they all have crazy personalities.




Thats it! this blog will be filled with things i want, like, some of it of things I've done or made.
Enjoy! x


  1. @Wolfie Lovehart - thanks! xx

  2. Well, I discovered your blog about an hour ago or so, and I just couldn't stop looking through it! As you can see, I reached your number one post, hahaa. I'm definitely following you. I love your style and your blog!



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