Wednesday 30 June 2010

Elle UK Free Gift - Complaint!

Every month I look forward to my magazine subscriptions dropping through my letterbox seeing who is on the cover and what free goodies and discounts I have inside.

Today my Elle UK came through, Lily Allen on the front, Elle
Club discounts and a Paul and Joe Sister T-shirt - cool!

Never had a shirt through with a mag before, opened it up, put it on....fits nicely, it's not my style but nice and then I noticed....

A hole! Eek!

However then I looked a little closer and saw that the piping aorund the neckline wasn't sealed and just open with tufts of thread coming from it. Maybe this was the style of the shirt however some of it WAS closed like a normal shirt should be which makes me think that this is just really low quality.

I then checked the stitching and down the armpits was ripping already. I had no struggle getting it on and it fit perfectly so it wasn't me mishandling the product at all.

If anybody else has this problem or even if you don't, let me know it's not just me or maybe i have a one off.

Also if anybody from Elle stumbles upon this - I do love you Elle but seriously...?



  1. We’re so sorry you received a faulty top – please email customer services ( with your name and contract address and we will send a replacement asap. The finishing of the top is a frail effect so the neckline and trims will all have this effect. However there shouldn’t have been a hole or frayed stitching so huge apologies for this. Our gift suppliers have very strict quality control checks but unfortunately a very small % of tops incur faults when packaged etc. Thank you so much for pointing this out and do keep in contact with future comments as we love hearing from our readers. Hopefully next time the feedback will be positive!

    The ELLE team x

  2. Very kind, thankyou! will be in touch x


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