Tuesday 29 June 2010

Jewels, Jewels, Jewels!

This is currently where I am keeping all of my jewelry,, hanging from 3 different stands and also some in a box just behind this. Ignore the Panda cookies...

The main reason I'm attracted to most of my jewelry is because it's unusual. Here are some of my favorite pieces I own, they are all high-street but I love them all the same.


1. Pink Flamingo, Pearls and a bright Pink bow - what more could I ask for! Its a long length necklace and I just fell in love with the large, pink -jeweled flamingo. From Topshop.

2. The owl necklace I bought from Ebay, it was £1.60 with free postage. What a gorgeous bargain!

3. This is a weird one, its length is slightly longer than a normal necklace but not long enough to dangle down. However its wonderful and the little clasp to the birdcage even works!


1. This charm bracelet is very feminine, so cute, I love every single little charm on it, my favorites are the diamante horse shoe and the coral colored heart with lock in the middle. From Accessorize.

2. This is from Topshop. Its a very simple charm, 2 bows, 2 anchors . Well I love anything anchor and the baby blue floral one its the best! Chunky fake looking gold is borderline tacky/wonderful!

3. My boyfriend bought me this, its a New York City themed charm bracelet - need I say more?! Favorite charm is the letters 'NYC' and the Manhattan cocktail.


1. Double 'Love' ring, I adore double rings and this is unfortunately the only one I own! it's from Accessorize, sits well and doesn't feel like my fingers are binded together at all.

2. Owl gem ring from Topshop - well look at it... its so cute! Best part are his eyebrows in lilac colored gems.

3. My mum bought me this HUGE flower diamante and pearl ring for Christmas, its adjustable which is great because I have the worlds skinniest fingers. Great for special occasions (but have to watch my drinking when wearing as I'm too scared to lose or damage it!)

4. Big, chunky, plastic, floral, diamond ring. From Accessorize I love it SO much only problem is I've worn it to work and the alcohol in the perfume has worn away the plasticy gold paint :(

That's all for today, will be trying out some recipes soon so stay tuned!
Peace x


  1. uv got sum really nice jewlery there :) im a sucker when it comes ti buying jewlery lol xx

  2. thanks! yeah I never can have enough! xx

  3. I love all your jewels!! I have a bit of a problem with my things tarnishing if I hang them up :( I have so many I just can't keep an eye on them..
    Any tips on stopping it apart from keeping them in a lunchbox (like I do.)

  4. what a lovely accessories corner.


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