Monday 4 October 2010

A girl can never have enough lipstick!

After a long week of being ill I'm almost back to my usual self, so apologies for the lack of posts last week I've been erm...very lethargic! 
Last week at work a colleague wanted to get a bag from Avon but you had to spend over a certain amount and she needed to make up £5, so being the kind soul I am, I decided to help out and get me some new lipsticks (and an eyeshadow duo but I'll post that one tomorrow). Like my title says - a girl can never have enough lipstick!

Part of 'Color Trend: Kiss n' Go'.
In 'Garnet Glow' and 'Amethyst'
 L-R: 'Amethyst', 'Garnet Glow'
This is Garnet Glow it's a pinky-red with glittery bits in, it's actually alot lighter in person.

This picture doesn't show the glitter very well but it's very subtle and really nice and smooth.

This is Amethyst, a darker pink almost purple, love this for a wintery look.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know how excited I was for the MAC Venomous Villains collection to be released online today, I managed to pick up 2 pieces (despite wanting 3 but I'm on a tight budget!) so look out for them at the end of the week.

Also today I was featured on the beautiful Sophia's Journal as part of her Sunday Click List, I was shocked to see my face pop up there haha.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oo SWISH! loving the first one! Nice one you got some VV stuff! Can't wait to see :) xo

  2. red looks amazing on you!i want to have a look at the mac collection so bad. toxic tale is calling me! you pull of bright colours so so easily, im good with corals but i want to have the guts to pull of red!grr :)

  3. @Irene DOOOO IT! or at least try with a cheap red lippy :) I love Toxic Tale that was the other one i wanted but i have so many reds! xx

  4. They both look lovely on you, might have to purchase!x

  5. Gads! Vemenous Villains is available now? I fear I may have to bribe/blackmail/borrow to get some of the stuff in the collection. The tartan heritage one looks too good too. Safe to say I am doomed.
    These lipsticks are gore, the colours look incredible on you...and I could deff see them in my make up box (truth be told I'm sure I have similar colours.)
    I miss my mum working for AVON....they used to do this fantastic vanilla clear lipgloss.

    Claire xo

  6. NY again!? Im so jealous Id love to go again lol, Ill send you a message of all the hotspots for sure!

    P.S. that lippie looks faboo on you, you;re one of those girls who should wear a red lip always =D x

  7. love it you look amazing love that color with your hair !!! your bueatiful

  8. I love these colours on you especially the more glittery one!! Great post! oxoox

  9. wow like I said you have a pout and a half. Oh I love the Garnet glow, such a great shade. Yeah I posted a link to you for the MAC review I can't wait. I did not get any in the end, as my BF point out that I have three lipsticks in the shades I was going to get. So I may recreate one of the looks.

    Well done on the feature hunni, well proud of you, and I hope that evil person gets there karma. Oh looking forward to seeing the duo eye shadow too, your twit's make me laugh sometimes xxxxxxx

  10. both colors look so great on you! it's hard for me to pull off reds without looking like I'm over doing it, but you look beautiful!

  11. The lip colors look great on you! :D
    I can't believe the new MAC collection already came out! I need to go to my nearest mall and buy me some stuff! I've been waiting for the collection for the longest time an then I forget all about it lol


  12. I looove both color, very pretty!

  13. the colors look great on you darling, I wish I could suit lipstick, I'm always ending up wearing lip gloss.

  14. I absolutely LOVE lipstick - feel naked without it! You look great. Also, SO jealous of you seeing Russell and Matt! I saw the old radio show live a few years back and it was brilliant. They're great together x

  15. I love lipstick, i have CHANEL rouge allure for me :D


  16. "A girl can never have enough lipstick!"

    So true!


  17. OMG hello! You know I love some lipstick! LOL
    I love you in those bright colors!!!


  18. i do like Garnet Glow on you. it's very flattering.

    my VV order is due to arrive tomorrow. i'm so excited i could scream. despite the hideous fact that i've only ordered two things. stupid money.

  19. I love the Amethyst lipstick color!

  20. oh did you see on twiiter from @cosmopolitanuk there is event here in london on the 14th in holborn, I'm going to go: here is the link if you want to sign up and come .....
    I hope some how you could make it. xxx

  21. I like the garnet glow color. :)

  22. The purplish color is my favorite but the other is pretty too!

  23. yeeeeeah i'm into lipstick now!! though i'm paranoid about wearing it cause it sometimes gets on my teeth and makes me look like the crazy cat lady down the street
    &i feel like EVERYONE is into black lipstick now but i just wanna try it and see what it looks like on me

    glad you're feeling better!

  24. Agreed! these are gorgeous! I really love the Garnet Glow on you xx

  25. Thanks for the comment! <3

    Since you have small feet, order Korean or Chinese shoes online. I have tons of those and they only cost $4 each!


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