Friday 11 October 2013

Getting Ready For...Spring?!

Autumn is a very important time to get prepared for Spring/Summer - no, not for fashion but gardening!

Planting bulbs in October-November is a great time for them to settle in and by the time Spring rolls around again they should start to grow and bloom.

Now I have a lovely garden full of places to plant some flowers (and possibly fruit and veg) I thought I had better get prepared! Although it's already thriving with amazing herbs, foliage and flowers I have two empty spots for more growing to happen! So with the help of The Urban Gardening Guide - I have done just that! 

uk flowers
I picked up 3 different packs of bulbs for £1 each and using this huge bag of Miracle Gro Expand n' Gro (it feeds them for 6 months!!) and my marigolds - I got planting.
Of course Prince wanted to help too!
uk gardening
Pot 1. I planted all 3 of the different types of bulb in here but only a couple of each so they have enough room to survive.
cat in garden
Pot 2. This is clearly alot longer so I planted the rest in here. As you can see I have a loads of plants growing already!
(How cute is Prince looking at the birds?!)
Autumn is so beautiful I thought I would share some of my favorite parts of the garden at the moment:

uk garden autumn mushroom
uk garden autumn

Its FINALLY Friday and I can't wait to relax with 2 days off :)

Have a good one pals!



  1. I should really speak to my parents about them letting me have some of the garden to play with, you've inspired me!

  2. Your garden is so pretty Stef! Oh I hadn't notice Prince on that picture ahah Lily does the same when she's watching the birds outside! xx

  3. Looks amazing - I'm slowly getting into gardening and love seeing more and more posts on gardening popping up on my feed! And thanks for the link to the urban gardening guide - will have a nosey round there now.


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