Thursday 24 October 2013

Little Apache Jewellery.

Unfortunately I am still super ill AND it's my Mums wedding day on Saturday so I will be heading back down to Devon tomorrow morning so this will be my last blog post until next week now! I can't take Prince with me either due to being in a hotel mostly so he's off to stay with my old housemates who helped raise him for a weekend sleepover :)

I'd love to share with you one of my best pals little jewellery company she has set-up named Little Apache. 

The beautiful Sally has been working super hard on making all the stock ready to set-up her shop over on BigCartel. I was so lucky to be sent some pieces (that I just can't stop wearing) and I thought I'd show them off here plus a few other cutie bits from her site:

Little Apache Jewellery
Onyx, crosses, pentagram trio.
This one was made especially for me - i have teeny tiny wrists so Sally made them extra small! 

Little Apache Jewellery
Bear Charm Bracelet.
I love this! The cute little feathers and fox heads are too sweet. 

Little Apache Jewellery
Little Sodalite Choker.
This is my favourite! I haven't taken it off. Sodalite is said to bring inner peace.

Little Apache Jewellery
Little Dream Necklace.
The little feathe charms coming off this cute dreamcatcher are such a lovely touch.

Little Apache Jewellery
Little Moon Shine Necklace.
This is on a long chain which I really love wearing with dresses. So beautiful.

Little Apache Jewellery
Vampire Teeth Necklace.
Limited Edition for Halloween

Little Apache Jewellery
Little Elder Tree Necklace.
The Elder Tree is a Celtic symbol often associated with Faeries. 
Don't you love Sallys work? Now, just 'cus she's one of my BFF's doesn't mean I'm bias (I am) but I do really adore all her hard work and effort put into some amazingly cute jewellery.

Check out the Little Apache Big Cartel (10% off with the code LAUNCH) and also Instagram for all the latest!

Hope you have a great weekend


  1. I love the little elder necklace!

    Sending you all the get well vibes ever.


  2. I hope you feel better soon and your mum has a lovely wedding day! Those necklaces are so sweet, especially the moon one. <3

    Tara x

  3. Hope you feel better really soon and have a great time at your Mums wedding!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  4. I love dreames catchers!! ^^

    Dreamer Clara^^

  5. Beautiful pieces - I love bracelets but I also have teeny wrists so it's hard to find any that fit. Hope you're feeling better now! x

  6. I loved that little dream necklace <3

  7. loving the bear and moon charm bracelets and necklace.. hope you get well soon!


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