Monday 11 November 2013

Beauty Review: Carex Hand Creams.

Working in a Cafe I have alot of washing up-to do (and then some more when I get home) and there is also alot of washing my hands between making foods. I noticed my hands getting dry and cracking in this cold weather already so when I was asked to trial the new Carex Hand Creams I had to jump at the chance and they are so good I just have to review them and share them with you lot :)

I've been using them religiously for 2 weeks now changing which one I use each day and they are so handy to keep in your bag. My hands are already alot softer and hydrated and haven't been irritating or sore from the cold/washing my hands. They are also anti-bacterial so aswell as keeping you moisturised they also protect form bacteria. 

carex hand cream review
Carex Anti-Bacterial Hand Creams. 
My favorite is the 'nourish & protect' which has extra vitamin e to keep you extra soft!

These are new out and retail at £2.49 so not bad at all! Plus I've been using mine about 5/6 times a day and hardly made a dent as you only need a little amount because it dries so well into the skin.

What hand creams do you use to protect your hands from the elements and daily chores?


  1. Ooh do you know how these are with sensitive skin? I have eczema so have to be pretty careful but regularly use E45 hand cream (annoyingly oily) and Simple Derma hand cream (annoyingly expensive) so I'm yet to find a happy medium!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

    1. I've no idea I'm sorry lovely! I get weird like bumps on my fingers that are sore and itchy though and they have cleared up since! xx

  2. I've seen these on a couple of blogs now, but do you know where I can get them as I haven't found them in any shops yet?!

    1. you can get them from Morrissons, Superdrug or Asda :)

  3. Love the sound of the nourish & protect one, such a bargain too!

    Jennie xo |

  4. The nourish & protect hand cream sounds lovely. My hands get so dry and sore in the colder months so I definitely think this would help! x


  5. I've had a problem with dry skin on my hands for a couple of weeks now so these would be perfect :) They're so affordable as well and look like they'd last for quite a while!


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