Monday 25 November 2013

Berlin trip pt 1.

It's been a week now since I've been home from Berlin and the blues are just drifting away, I thought I'd share my time there and why I loved the city so much. I took most of my photos on my fisheye (which I still need to get developed) because lugging my massive DSLR around was gonna hurt!

I'm terrified of flying so instead of knocking myself out with pills (like I did on the way home) I decided to get drunk at the airport - big mistake! Massive panic attack ensued during take-off and I felt so uneasy the whole flight but once we had landed I was ready to hit up Berlin hard.

We booked an apartment for the 6 of us using (which I highly recommend, you pay before you get there and they are mostly privately run) and the apartment itself was incredible! It felt like our own shared home:

On our first night we hit up some bars and hung out with the locals who showed us the ropes. its so crazy how liberal Berlin is we could smoke in the bars and they had no measurements for the alcohol  (which had me a bit worse for wear on the Friday) and everything was crazy cheap.

The second evening, after nursing our hangovers, we decided to go to Alexanderplatz and go up the TV Tower. You go up 666ft in 40 seconds in the lift it was mental! The views were great as the day had been pretty clear so the evening you could see about 20miles across the city. There was a fancy bar there too where we had a drink before going back to our place for drinks before hitting up one of Berlins famous House Music nightclubs 'Watergate'. 

I'll post up part 2 of my trip a little later in the week plus I really want to get my films back so I can share some better pictures!



  1. Good Lordy this looks amazing, I would love to go there one day xx

  2. Berlin is definitely on my to-go list. The apartment you stayed in looks amazing! x

  3. Oh Berlin I miss you! Your apartment looks lush, I keep meaning to try Air BnB. xx

  4. that apartment looks lovely! you've made me feel adventurous enough to try self catered places abroad :) x

  5. the apartment looks amazing! I've never flown but i'm almost certain that it'd be panick attack city for me if I did! xx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

  6. Yaaay I couldn't wait for this post! The apartment you stayed in looks AMAZING and you're so brave hun, if I had a panic attack before a flight I would freak out completely! Can't wait to read part 2 xxxx

  7. Looks amazing! Did you go to another house club called Weekend? It has to be my favourite. Never got to watergate! Ahhh I miss Berlin. The tv tower is so worth going to. We got dinner there, but it was so so so expensive xxx


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