Tuesday 5 November 2013

Winter Boots - I Just Can't Get Enough.

Once I find a pair of boots for  the Winter - I'm done!

I'm still in my navy, borg boots from last year and I really fancy a change. Since it's November already I've been planning on what to ask for Christmas and boots are on the top of the list - so here are the boots that have made my short-list... so far!

MURRY Hiker Cuff Boot - Topshop.
These are my ultimate favourite, I don't just want these I need these! I've been looking for some passable hiking boots that actually look good too. 
Elastic Lace-Up Boot - Topshop
These are so cute but they look like they have no grip and I would slide so much!
Desert Hugs - Clarks
I've included these before, I love Clarks desert boots and these are the ultimate in keeping your feet warm.
Chunk Sole Burgundy Desert Boots - Dune.
This colour is gorgeous and I love the slightly thicker sole for a desert boot.
Leather & Wool Tartan Boots - F-Troupe
The sweetest and of course most expensive! Super 'on-trend' with the tartan and adorable too.

I'm pretty sure it's a toss up between the Clarks and the Hiking Boots as a winner for me, what do you think?

P.S -
As its getting colder QCumber Clothing have set up 'Every jumper bought - a jumper is donated to the homeless' basically you buy an awesome QCumber Jumper and they will personally be going out on the 16th and 17th giving their jumpers to the homeless to keep them a bit warmer during these freezing days/nights.

This is only on until the 10th so be quick and do a good deed today! 


  1. I really love the Clarks ones, but your favourite are pretty nice too <3

    fridayisforeverblog.com xx

  2. I've put the first ones on my wishlist, I think I'll tell my neighbour to use his staff discount and get them for me, he he :D X


  3. Oh lord, do not get me started on winter boots! x

  4. I have number one! They're dead good aren't they. Little secret girlies, find em on Next2Nowt.com, that's what I did. Got mine dead cheap.

    Hey did you see my Fugg Off boot post last month? That was a little bit of a boot lusht list an all x


  5. The Clarks boots certainly look very snuggly indeed! I think they are lovely. xxx

  6. Really love the Topshop hiker boots! They look so warm and comfy. I love boots, just splurged on two pairs of winter ankle boots.

    Beth | SANS SOUCI

  7. I'm really loving the desert boots at the mo. Great finds.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Im following yours now.

  8. The hiker boots look so lovely also loving the Clarks, they look super cosy!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  9. I love all of these!

    Kate from Clear the Way
    (currently running a Concrete Necklace giveaway, if you are interested)

  10. I think that desert hugs Suede Shoes are perfect for summer ... they will really suit on tight bottoms .. & they look pretty cute !!

  11. I vote for the Brown (leather?) Topshop ones! the others wouldn't survive winter on my feet ha.

    Tara xo


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