Monday 31 March 2014

Asda George Take on Homeware!

This weekend I went back home to Devon to surprise my mum for Mothers Day, it was great a weekend is too short! We did a spot of shopping and some food shopping and whilst we were in Asda I got to have a look at all their new homeware ranges.

My mum treated me to a few bits and this is what I picked up:

uk lifestyle homeware blogger
These candles were only £1.50 each and fit in with my living room SO well.
home inspiration
Butterfly Cushion - £5. 

George now do their own full home range, you can look online or there is also a catalog in-tore. They've gone into selling sofas, furniture, curtains etc... and it looks really great!

Here are a couple other little home accessories from George that I love:

Rope Detail Hurricane Vase - £12
This would be perfect with a chunky candle in.
Lavender Planter - £6
This would make the prettiest room scent.
Yellow & Grey Throw - £15
This I can see on my sofa! 
What do you think about the new George home focus? I'm sold!


  1. I love your candles, so pretty! The throw in the last photo looks gorgeous, too, so cosy <3

    Jess xo

  2. Pretty things! Think i need to visit Asda!

  3. The candles are beautiful Stef! I had never heard about this store before! xxx

  4. those candles are gorgeous, I love me a bit of Asda! x

  5. I did a post on Asda homewares a few weeks ago too as I absolutely love their stuff at the moment. I have had my eye on the lavender planter and the throw so will need to get them before they sell out! Those candles were a bargain too.
    Lianne x

  6. Awww those insect candle are adorable, and soooon cheap too xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  7. Those candles! I need them in my liiiiiife. I am miles from an ASDA though :( Might have to make a cheeky online order. xx

  8. I like the pillow with butterflies :)

  9. Hello everyone,
    It is pleasure for me to see so many creative ideas. I like the lavender planter...It is perfect for my interior <3


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