Friday 14 March 2014

Haagenbath - LUSH Ballistic Review.


Today I thought I'd share with you my little bathtime routine and do a small review of an amazing LUSH Ballistic Bath Bomb!

I like to have at least one bath a week (usually on a Sunday) and I always take them in the evening so they settle me ready for bedtime. When I'm having a bath I love to either use lots of bubbles or treat myself to a LUSH Bathbomb, turn the lights off, light lots of candles and read a good book (currently reading Stiff by Mary Roach - its awesome!).

I take my phone with me just incase but I keep a hand towel on the floor next to the bath so if I do need to grab it I can dry my hands first.

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During the LUSH sale on Boxing Day I decided to pick up some items I'd never tried before. One of the items on sale was the HaagenBath Ballistic which I've heard is often discontinued then bought back etc. so I really wanted to try it - I wish SO badly it was always available as It's definitely one of my most favourite LUSH Bathbombs I've tried!

uk beauty blogger lush review
review lush bathbomb

The Ballistic has bits of chocolate in and smells like Spearmint so it actually ends up smelling like mint-chocolate ice cream which is my absolute fave smell! The chocolatey parts melt into the water and give you a lovely cocoa butter and almond oil coverage making your skin super soft and smooth. There is also Spearmint oil in it that helps sooth and calm skin. 

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The water looked like a strawberry milkshake which was yet another reason why I've fallen in love with this Ballistic.

Like I said before I really hope they bring this back soon as I need to experience this again!

I'm going to go into my local LUSH this week to pick up some of the new Easter products which I'm super excited to try.

Hope you have a great weekend whatever you get upto.

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  1. Oh I need to try this one!! Hope you're having a good weekend too lovely! xxx


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