Wednesday 7 May 2014

Destination Unknown - Festival Flashback

When I was 14 years old I headed down to my first festival - Reading Festival 2004! I went with my Dad for the weekend (and also met friends there) to watch loads of bands and also my main reason - to see Morrissey!

I then continued my Reading Festival adventures and went in '05, '06, '07, '08 and '09 seeing so many bands and artists that I've always wanted to and also discovering new ones.
Spending from Thursday - Monday in a tent with your friends partying the whole time and dancing all night is obviously great fun and back then before rent and bills I could afford to go wild.

In 2010 the line-up for Reading wasn't worth the money for me but I had another festival in mind - The Isle of Wight Festival.
Here Jay-Z headlined and also had Kanye West come out and do some songs with him (pre- Watch the Throne collab) and also Beyonce was dancing along too! It was amazing, again a long weekend of partying, wearing sparkly make-up and seeing amazing acts.

Sadly this was my last festival and I've craved going to a new one ever since but life gets in the way!

I don't mind so much the sleeping on the ground, getting soaked with mud and not being able to wash my hair for 5 days (hello dry-shampoo!) it's all part of the fun. For festival fashion I like to take something warm/waterproof for the cold nights, cute sunglasses are a must and also something that can be worn with or without your festival best-friend - TIGHTS! I feel the atmosphere is the most important thing about a festival - that and wild make-up ;)

BANK Fashion are running a competition at the moment named #destinationunknown where you can win the opportunity to be BANKs eyes and ears reporting on the sights, sounds and trends of 3 European festivals this Summer (but they are kept a secret) - how incredible!

So this is my entry! Good Luck to all involved



  1. Good luck lovely!! I really liked to read your festival adventures! xxx

  2. Waaah, I hope you win! You started young. <3

    Tara x

  3. Ahh I love BANKs, I'm seeing her at the Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland this summer! Maybe that's one of the festivals in the prize!

  4. I love festivals and camping - I just wish everyone else wasn't there! Seriously, I drove home at like 1am on the Sunday last time I went to Reading because everyone was so rowdy I honestly thought someone was going to set the tent on fire.
    But other than that, festivals are THE BEST.


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