Friday 23 May 2014

Heart Explosions Shirt.

Good Afternoon!

It's finally Friday and also a bank holiday weekend - woohoo! I'll be spending my 3 days off relaxing and sleeping waiting for this gross rain to pass.

Luckily this week a tiny bit of sun shone through enough for me to get into the garden to take some pictures with my new Hawes & Curtis shirt to show off to you all: 

uk fashion blogger
Hawes & Curtis - Heart Explosion Slim Fit Shirt*
uk style blogger
fashion for offices

I love the detailing on this shirt, it's my first real proper shirt-shirt as I'm used to cheapy, baggy styles. It is slim fitting and lined especially to accentuate your figure which gives a feminine silhouette.

The contrast of collar and cuff make it stand out and I love that there is a dainty little rounded collar which is so pretty. The single cuff is also rounded which doesn't make you feel like you are restricted like alot of shirt cuffs can do.

The shirt also came beautifully packaged with shirt pins holding the shirt to crease in the right places. They have some beautiful styles at the moment which are perfect for sophisticated and fashionable looks :)

What do you think of my shirt?

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I love it! And yes the rain is gross. It also makes my cat smell gross.


  2. This is such a lovely shirt - love the design!! :)

    Layla xx


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