Saturday 12 July 2014

Daisy Crop


So as of Monday my internet went down until yesterday which was super annoying as our Sky tv doesn't work either due to us living in a basement :'( So I've been struggling haha. But now I'm back - yaaay!

Today I have a little drop to show you, although I am STILL in the midst of a super bad body conscious issue where I just want to wear baggy t-shirts and hide all my chub I decided to give this a little go:

bandeau bra daisy crop uk style
Daisy Crop - Red Label*
Bandeau bra - Primark (£3!) 
daisy crop top
uk fashion style blogger
I love the detail and the scalloped edges along the arms, bottom and neckline.
It's a pretty see-through top but with the bra underneath it looks good! I don't think I'm confident enough yet to wear it outside in public but I teamed it with some hi-waisted jeans to cover up a little.

What do you think?

I'm loving all this sunshine we are having in Cardiff this week and can't wait to go back out into it!

Have a great weekend and I'll be back Monday (promise).


  1. This is so cute and looks so fresh too! xxx

  2. Such a sweet little top! AS IF you have any chub but I've also been wearing lots of loose fitting clothing recently, it feels so good.

    Tara xo

  3. You should totally wear that out in public! xx

  4. I've nominated you for an Inspiring Blog Award!

    Faye x

  5. This is cute! I love it :) xox

  6. Hi thannks for sharing this


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