Friday 25 July 2014

La Bella - Interview With Sam Faiers and Her New Fragrance Launch.


Yesterday I got to interview the gorgeous Sam Faiers ahead of her coming to Cardiff THIS Saturday (26th) to do a signing and launch of her new fragrance La Bella. For anyone who wants to pop along it will be at 2pm in The Fragrance Shop which is on the ground floor of the St.Davids Center.

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Congratulations on your debut fragrance! Ahead of you coming to Cardiff this Saturday I have some questions as I know us Cardiff girls will LOVE meeting you and trying out your new fragrance!

Where did the beautiful name La Bella come from? 
I wanted my debut fragrance to represent me, so I chose La Bella which means 'the beautiful' in Spanish and Italian. Growing up I lived in Spain, and my grandparents still live out there – it's like a second home, 

What is the inspiration for you behind La Bella?
I wanted to build a fragrance that was elegant and pretty, I wanted it to mean something to me. I didn't want to put my name to just anything, I was involved with everything in the fragrance from the bottle to the scent. 

Tell me a little more about the fragrance notes...
It's quite sweet, but it's not sickly sweet. It has my favourite scents, vanilla, iris flower and benzion at the heart with a bed of glamorous musk laced with a luscious caramel in the base notes. 

What kind of woman wears La Bella?
My following is quite young but I wanted to fragrance to be across all ages. It me it represents sophistication and can be worn everyday as well as being classy and elegant. 

What is your all time favourite fragrance and does it bring back any great memories?
I think La Bella is my favourite fragrance, but it's inspired by Chanel and Jo Malone. 

Do you wear the same fragrance everyday or do you like to mix it up or change with the seasons? 
I do like to mix it up with fragrances for day and the evening, I think you have to or else you're always going to be used to the same scent!

What is your top beauty tip for this Summer?
I can give you more than one! I've not got a treatment in particular I like to get; I'm not really one that always gets treatments. I do always make sure I've got my nails done and have a facial before I go, but really I just make sure I have all my beauty necessities. I'll take my BB cream instead of foundation, I make sure I have my Bobbi Brown shimmer brick and a nice coral lipstick for holiday. I always use an SPF factor on my body, but usually an oil as I'm lucky and have quite dark skin anyway, but I always make sure to still use a factor - I'm always worried about getting wrinkles and looking old!

If La Bella was a song would it be - Pharrell's 'Happy' or Pharrell's 'Get Lucky'? 
Obviously 'Happy' as I'm in such a good place right now and looking forward to seeing you all at The Fragrance Shop, in St Davids Dewi Saint at 2pm tomorrow

There we have it! I will have to swing by and have a smell of this when I get back into Cardiff, I used to work in a perfume shop and still have a huge love for all things fragrance.

Hope your weekend is going swimmingly, I'm off to do my first spinning class now - wish me luck! 


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