Wednesday 13 August 2014

Otter and Butterfly Sanctuary Visit Pt 2.


Here is the second part to my Otter and Butterfly sanctuary visit (you can see the first one HERE) today focusing on the Otters!

The Otters are rescued and unable to go back into the wild but are looked after and well loved by the amazing keepers at the sanctuary. The sanctuary runs on the edge of the River Dart which is known for Otter living there. Sometimes babies will get washed away in floods and high winds or will get lost or injured, this is where the team comes in and helps them.

I loved seeing the Otter they were so funny and knew exactly when feeding time was and even showed off when people went to take photos (as you will see!) they remind me of cats!

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Each pen area is suited to each type of Otter and their natural needs (like the pool size and depth) and there is one section where you can see the Otters playing in a deep pool from under the ground!

Do you see what I mean by they look/act like cats? I love they're funny faces and cute whiskers!
There is an 'experience' you can buy for about £100 where you go and hand feed the Otter and hang about with the keepers and go into the pens with them and see them which would be amazing to do! Maybe on a day when the kids are back at school so there are hardly any other people about. I'd love to pet an Otter!

Have you been to any animal based places recently?

Hope you are having a good week!

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