Monday 29 September 2014

Falconwright - The Greatest Clutches On Earth!

Like I said in my last post, I've been pretty ill the past week, I'm not entirely sure what is up, I have all the flu symptoms only without the mucus. Gross - I'm sorry.

Anyway to cheer myself up when I'm not sleeping I've been oogling pretty clutch bags from Falconwright

Falconwright is a handmade and hand-screen printed two-woman company based in Toronto. Sandi (see her amazing illustrations here) and Danielle (who sell beautiful jewelry here) are both incredibly talented in their own right but come together to create something special. They use their own designs and prints to create these gorgeous clutches, card holders and mini-pouches.

I've chosen my favourites to show off here and it was really hard to not add it all:

uk style fashion blog ouija print clutch
Witchboard Ouija Print Clutch
I LOVE this!
uk fashion style blogger ghost halloween
Ghost Print Mini-Pouch
Because everyday is Halloween!
uk style fashion blog printed clutch zodiac
Zodiac Print Clutch.
I'm obsessed with Zodiac symbols and this is amazing!
uk style blog snake print clutch
Snake Mini-Pouch.
There is something about the way this print sits and the gorgeous yellow that I am in love with.
uk style blog cactus clutch
Cactus Clutch.
This is my other fave actually available on ASOS (as is the Ouija print and Zodiac print.).

So what do you think of these beauties? I feel like these ladies have incorporated everything I love and put them onto cute clutches!

I'm back off to lay on the sofa and re-watch the American Office on Netflix.


1 comment :

  1. These clutches are adorable. My favorite two are the cactus print and the zodiac print.


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