Tuesday 9 September 2014

No7 Match Made Lipstick Service

On Saturday I went down to Boots in Cardiff city center where they were holding a little event in aid of their new No7 Match Made lipstick service. There was a photobooth in which customers were invited to come along to get Match Made and then lipsynch along to the new advert for a video or have some photobooth snaps to keep!

no7 boots blogger photobooth lipstick match service

You may have heard of their foundation match service where they use a little machine thingy (not the technical term) and take a photo of your skin tone to see which foundation is the perfect match for you. Well this is another beauty first for No7 who can now tell you, by your skin tone, just exactly which lip colour suits you best!

I was 'Cool Vanilla' and I got to look at all the shades suited to me and choose which I felt most in the mood for and went for 'Soft Paprika' - which was gorgeous! I wanted to try more but I wanted something bright to wear while I went to get some other involved in the photobooth action and talk beauty with customers at the No7 counter.

no7 boots lipstick match service

There are 43 new flattering lipsticks which are set out to complement your specific skin tone so there is something out there for everyone! They are available in formulas 'Moisture Drench' (my personal fave) or 'Stay Perfect'.

no7 boots blogger photobooth lipstick match service

I love photobooth they are so much fun especially getting 4 completely different pictures, here is the video that was blasting through the store and grabbing people in to lipsynch (or shout) along to:

no7 boots blogger photobooth lipstick match service

I really recommend going for the service, it's totally free and you can keep your card that shows you all the No7 shades best suited to you - plus you can try them all then and there with the awesome No7 staff!

Thanks for having me Boots - it was a blast!



  1. This looks amazing! I'm definitely going to pop along to Boots and get matched! xx


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