Monday 22 September 2014

Raising Eyebrows with Benefit

Last week I was invited by Benefit to join them and their world-class team of experts to talk all things brows!

Now I may or may not have mentioned it here but I actually do nothing to my eyebrows...I only pluck a couple of strays but nothing more. I've always been curious but never taken the plunge to do anything with them.

When I got to meet the UK Head MUA Lisa Potter Dixon, who I've followed on Twitter since about 2009 now, and Global Brow Expert Jared Bailey. Jared basically took me under his wing, he said I will never forget me first time and I don't think I will - he was so gentle and kind, and it was in a fancy hotel suite too! We are talking eyebrows wax, tint and shaping here and now I will never go back!

First we started with the 3-point brow mapping technique which is marked to give your brows the right shape to suit your face. Then Jared custom blended a tint together to tint my brows - here is the pic we took with my tint on: 

Jared Bailey Benefit Global Brow expert eye brow tint

I'm so glad my eyebrows didn't really look like that! 

Next up was the wax, most of us know the pain of waxing, short, sharp and leaves you looking red! But afterwards Jared used Boi-ing the industrial strength concealer to hide any redness and BOOM here are my new brows: 

Jared Bailey Benefit Global Brow expert eye brow wax

I love them! I know now why people love theirs too! I'm going to get tinted and waxed when I need it from now on and of course I only trust Benefits' Brow Bars to do it! 

After the service I was given a Brow Prescription of some products which I should use to help enhance the brows  super easily:

Benefit raising eyebrows book browzings gimmie brow high brow blogger
Browzings* - Wax and Powder combo which includes a guide-book and tweezers.
Gimmi Brow* - This smudgeproof fiber gel enhances the smallest of hairs to make your brows much fuller.
High Brow Glow* - An eyelift in a pencil!
Raising Eyebrows* - An amazing guide to all things brows, from the history to do's and don'ts - perfect for a brow amateur like me! 

I had the best time and want to thank Benefit so much for the afternoon and of course Jared for sorting my brows.

There is also a new limited edition Benefit brow product which I will be giving away on my blog in a few weeks time which I can't wait to share with you - so make sure you check back!

Have you ever used any Benefit for your Brows?

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