Wednesday 19 November 2014

Festive Afternoon Tea with the Celtic Manor

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Well I've been super ill so been in bed all week! I've missed a bunch of blog events however attempted to cart myself out of bed on Saturday for a special festive afternoon tea with the Celtic Manor.
It was only a couple of hours and I thought a little pampering with cake would make me feel a tiny bit better.

If you don't know, the Celtic Manor is a huge hotel and resort that as you come into Wales via the Severn Bridge is unmissable- it's massive! It recently played host to the Nato summit where president Obama kipped in one of their new 'Hunter' style lodges - fancy!

Anyway we were greeted by the gorgeous India who took 11 of us blog-types to a room where the Xmas decorations were up and Buble was singing his head off on the stereo - Christmas was here!!

christmas cracker celtic manor
pimms winter tea cozy

We were served mulled wine in glass teapots with their own jumper :') You know I was ill because I turned down the wine (yes I turned DOWN wine) in favour of some Assam tea to sooth my little throat.

uk blogger

We all did a group cracker pulling and I was soo lucky to have won a paperclip! Woohoo! I donned my hat regardless of it being November as we were here for an exclusive try of the Celtic Manor Festive Afternoon Tea!

festive afternoon tea

There was 1 between 2 of us and I kicked off with the finger sandwhiches, my fave being roast turkey and cranberry and the chicken and stuffing mayo. I'm not a fan of salmon or prawns so I left those for my partner in food crime, Amy. But I did tuck into the Caerphilly cheese and leek mini tarts!

celtic manor christmas afternoone tea blog

CAAAKKEE! They looked so cute I couldn't bring myself to eat them... well that's a lie because I totally did. My faves were the Pistachio cone, the cherry and apricot Florentine and also the mini Christmas pudding which was boozy and had white chocolate inside!

celtic manor festive tea

And just when I thought I couldn't fit any more food inside of me.. out rolled the candied-peel scones - of course with jam and cream!

To see the full line-up of treats in more detail then take a look see here.

It was such a relaxed atmosphere, it was lush to get out of the house and breathe some fresh air and chat to fellow blog pals!

Thanks again to the team at the Celtic Manor for an awesome afternoon and I can't wait to see what's instore for 2015!



  1. Waaah! I was so sad I missed this due to work commitments! I do love afternoon tea. ;)

    Tara x

  2. LOVE the look of this. I love a good afternoon tea. Looks so good.


  3. Omg all those baking goodies look sooo delicious!! xxx

  4. Waaa turning down wine is never good! Hope you feel better soon! Love the little Pimms tea cosies. It all looked gorgeous! x

  5. Ah those scones look right up my street!

  6. the mini xmas pud was bloody lovely, could easily eat 3 right now xx


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