Tuesday 25 November 2014

Life + Flowers

Debenhams Christmas flowers discount code
Christmas Lily and Rose Bouquet c/o Debenhams Flowers.


I'm on my own tonight as Ross is off away in Europe on tour with his band Chain of Flowers. I've slammed some chips in the over, bought a can of 'ting' and am binge-watching Louis Theroux on Netflix!

I'm off to Devon tomorrow after an exciting little meeting to set-up me hopefully volunteering for the Cats Protection at their center! I really want to work with animals and I don't have many qualifications so this is such an awesome foot in the door and I can't wait to give back some love to the kitties who have been abandoned.

I've got a November favorites video coming up too but depending on how much time I have it may be up in December (which is like 4 days?! Crazy!).

I was sent these gorgeous Christmas Flowers from Debenhams Flowers and they have some great Christmas treats on their site which you can get 25% off using this code: DFBLOG25

They have free next day flower delivery too which is great! My flowers are almost 10 days old now and still look gorgeous and have filled my flat with the smell of Oriental lillies (which are kept waaay out of the way from Prince!) and decorated with berries and folded green leaves.

Debenhams Christmas flowers
Debenhams Christmas flowers

Chips are ready!

Take Care



  1. That first snap is incredible! :) I always love giving and receiving flowers.


  2. Stunning flowers.



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