Tuesday 11 November 2014

Reiki at Kamitaga - The Best Medicine.

Reiki Kamigata Cardiff Wales

You may remember my post on my first experiences with Reiki a couple month back after the Kamigata Birthday party and how I had been for a full session with a lady I found online locally however really didn't like her style or new-age technique.

I loved my Kamigata taster so much and really felt a great connection to the treatment so really wanted to try Reiki again - but this time with the pros!

First up let me go back and explain a little bit more bout Reiki. It is a Japanese holistic treatment in which hands are placed over specific parts of the body (where our Chakras are) to get rid of any energy blockages and negativity. The whole process is very calm and relaxing and require you to do nothing except use your mind to envision colours of light pulsating in the area being worked on.

I know it all sounds a bit 'spiritual' but it really has nothing to do with a higher-being or any aspect like that, it is purely using the energy we have inside us - which is very real!

My therapist was Lily (in the picture with me), she is a Reiki master and is a super sweet lady who instantly makes you feel calm. We had a private therapy room where the lights were dim, candles lit and the air smelt of a scent I had chosen out of 3 (mine was Bergamot).

Sorry for the potato quality photo but it was dark in there!

After the treatment Lily told me what she felt and found and how this session would help unblock the feelings that went with the ailments found. First up my head was warm which is a good indication however to her it felt like the energy was flowing very fast and almost whizzing about which would be settled by the Reiki treatment. 

When Lily had her hands over each part of my body I was told to envision the colour that goes with the Chakra. She also mentioned that whilst doing this she gets so in tune to your body that she almost is in a trance herself and says her thoughts to help you with envisioning the colours.

(image via.)
The main issue for me was my Solar Plexus which is the upper stomach (pictured Yellow) which took a while to warm up due to overpowering cold energy. This cold energy was seen as nervous energy that suggested I have been caring too much about what others/my peers think of me recently and don't want anyone to judge me even though that's just how people are and it has to be accepted. This Reiki session will (and has!) helped unblock this nervous energy to help me feel more open and not care in the inside instead of just showing it on the outside.

During the grounding (a white light) I felt rooted to the Earth and like I was a giant standing around it all. I almost felt as if I was floating which was a lovely sensation to have!

When I went into the room I was feeling incredibly sluggish and tired from work but when I came out I felt like I had a huge surge of positive energy. 

Reiki is definitely an amazing holistic/alternative therapy to experience and have on the regular when you feel you need it. 

It's also just one of the new holistic treatments on offer by Kamigata, the others are Indian head massage and reflexology which are both things I'm busting to try out!


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